Dark Kisses

A Girl’s Best Friend

My attempt to be cute, clever, and creative with this photo may have backfired. There’s both too much and not enough to say about it. The caption was my girls friend’s idea. Also cute and clever. She’s like that. Most of my girl friends are.`

I could say that the name “Dark Kisses” sounds like the title of an urban, noir romance novel. Maybe one with a vampire as the protagonist. It makes me wish I were the sort of writer who writes urban, noir romances.

I could also say that this is a gem of a little chocolate. To an extent that’s true. In my opinion, it’s the most gem-like of Hershey’s chocolate offerings. It has good mouth feel–smooth, not gritty. But they could improve it by making it a little less sweet and a bit silkier.

Chocolate is a better friend to this girl than diamonds. I once had diamonds–a pair of stud earrings. I was proud that I was able to afford to buy them myself. They were pretty to look at, but once I put them in my ears, I could no longer see them. To get any pleasure out of them, I’d have to constantly look at my own image in a mirror. The pleasure of a chocolate melting in my mouth lasts longer. The diamonds were stolen long ago. No more pleasure there. I didn’t attempt to replace the earrings. Once I’d had the pleasure of buying them and wearing them, I didn’t need them again. I guess I’m not a diamonds sort of person. There are better things to spend my money on, among them, books and chocolate.

Chocolate is a better friend to women than to men. That’s what I found out when I researched comfort foods. Men like comfort foods such as steak, casseroles, and soups. Meal comfort foods which make them feel pampered, taken care of. Hey, I like that, too. Women are said to like snack comfort foods, treats that require minimal or no preparation. No kidding. I didn’t need to read a scientific study to know that. It’s possible to find all sorts of scientific studies about the chemical compounds in chocolate which make it a “mood altering” substance. I don’t really need to know that. All I really need to know is that it work. Just unwrap the chocolate and eat it! RIP, little model in your amethyst dress. You have met the fate of all good chocolate.

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