First Day of Spring

A Tiny Delight

Like almost everyone else, I’ve been eagerly awaiting spring. One of the joys of spring are the flowers. I love planting bulbs in the autumn. Planting bulbs is planting hope. I can’t wait for them to start sending up the first shoot. There are times I’m tempted to dig them up to see how they’re doing. I always resist. It’s such a pleasure to see the first little green nubbin poke its nose out of the soil. I check every day and count the new ones.

My flowers did not wait. The first miniature iris bloomed on the twenty-third of February. A little amethyst gem. It took more than a week for the next one to open its petals. My first crocus did not appear until the fifteenth of this month. Cheery little lavender striped faces. After the first one the rest popped up in clusters.

The last day of winter we had record breaking warmth. It is not normal for Western Washington to have temperatures in the high seventies and low eighties in March. I watered my container plants. By this morning the irises had wilted and several of the crocuses also curled up and died. However, the leaves seem to have grown a couple of inches overnight.

Today was another record breaker. Also close to eighty. I hope today’s heat doesn’t finish off the rest of the crocuses. I was hoping to enjoy them for a couple more weeks. The irises, too. Another demonstration of “be careful what you wish for.”

I shouldn’t be sad. My pansies and primrose are flourishing. The alliums took forever to come up, but now it looks like the leaves are growing an inch every night. I still more my little irises.

Don’t even ask about my tulips. It seems like all I’ll get this year are leaves and maybe two tiny flowers. I don’t know what happened. Voracious bugs maybe.
I’m disappointed. Tulips are my favorite bulb flower–graceful and elegant.

What can I expect? Flowers don’t last forever. Their fragility is part of their beauty. Nothing lasts forever, even if it ought to. At least I have photos. And alliums (members of the onion family) to look forward to. There’s always something to look forward to.

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