Chocolate & Depression

A Sad Sight. Not my attempt at being arts-fartsy. Cocoa: gone

I haven’t had my daily dose of chocolate and I feel like I’m going to die. Or maybe I feel that I want to die. I need those endorphins. I’m out of milk, No quick fix available. Thank goodness brownies are in the oven. When they come out I am going to wait for them to cool. No matter how tempted I may be, I will not shove my face into the hot mass and snarf it down.

Two things help me deal with depression–chocolate and working on my novel. It’s not just me. regarding the chocolate. One of my friends has a friend who eats 88% chocolate to help deal with his depression.

Some may wonder why I’m not on antidepressants. I was once. Didn’t help all that much. Probably if I hadn’t been to stressed and depressed by my circumstances then and gone back to my PCP, she could have adjusted my dose and I’d be fine and dandy now. Or not. Antidepressants don’t work for everyone. A friend once said it made her feel as if she had an electric buzzing in her head. Chocolate doesn’t do that. I’ve heard that a side-effect of antidepressants can mean having thoughts of suicide. Suicidal thoughts are not a side-effect of chocolate. I don’t need more thought of suicide. I think about it often enough as is. I can’t off myself. I have a novel to finish. And then a couple of sequels. Then the novel-in-progress I put aside to work on my current manuscript.

All I need is chocolate. It makes me feel better so I can work on my novel. For me chocolate seems to work better than Prozac ever did. If things get bad enough, I might just go back to my PCP and get an Rx for an anti-depressant and take it in addition to my daily dose of chocolate.

Gotta go. The brownies should be cool enough by now.

4 thoughts on “Chocolate & Depression”

  1. Thank goodness for chocolate and books! Take good care of yourself, and that means brownies as needed and WIP on a daily basis!


    1. Yes indeed, Judy. I do my best. What would I do without chocolate? Not just the book I’m writing, but books by other people I’m reading. Books like Buffalo Gal, which allow me to escape to another world.


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