Chocolate Heaven

Amazing Chocolate Creations

Tower of Chocolate

These photographs were posted by a Facebook Friend named Lilita Daukste. She lives in Riga, Latvia. When I asked her who created these wonders, she didn’t reply. I asked permission to use the photos and she said, “Of course.” I don’t know if she took these photos, but I suspect she didn’t. Her only biographical information is where she lives and where she went to school. I don’t even know if these marvels were created by a Latvian pastry chef. Maybe posting this will reveal the mystery. Anway–enjoy. BTW–you probably shouldn’t lick the screen.

Chocolate Valentine

I went to the website listed above. Saw all sorts of foods, including desserts, but saw nothing like this. Yemeklik Tarif has a Facebook page. I scrolled through three years of post. Saw photos and recipes, but again, nothing like this. Checked Word Press, found nothing. I’m guessing the name might be Turkish. Could also be Czech.

Another Chocolate Valentine

I don’t even know if all these photos come from the same site. Perhaps not. What they have in common is patience and creativity.

Dark and White Chocolate

If someone gave this cake to me, I’d eat the left half and the strawberries. I’m not a fan of white chocolate.

Crown of Strawberries

My mouth waters just looking at this photo. I can’t imagine the patience and work involved in making this amazing cake. It’s just dazzling. Too good to eat. Too good to allow to go to waste.

Chocolate Cake with Wreath of Strawberries

This one is simpler, but my favorite–the chocolate looks darker, though it could just be the lighting. I’m not a big fan of frosting. It’s usually much too sweet for me. However, I want to lick this frosting. It does not look too sweet.

I could not make any of these amazing desserts. I don’t have the manual dexterity. I don’t have the patience, either. I’d want to forget the fuss and bother and devour and chocolate.

Happy chocolate dreams!

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