Cameron’s Cat

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Have I mentioned before that sometimes writing is the only thing that keeps me going? Depression catches up with me all too often, making it almost impossible to function.

But just because I haven’t been posting on my blog, doesn’t mean I haven’t been writing. I’m almost finished with my romance novel, Bittersweet Christmas and will soon be looking for a publisher. Depending on who wants my book, it might be published under the title, A Daddy for Christmas.

My novel, set in Seattle in 1952. Even through I like my Latvian refugee protagonist very much, the character who engages me most is the leading man, Cameron Quinn. He’s a decorated former fighter pilot, a private pilot, and works as an aeronautical engineer and test pilot and Boeing. He’s also a dare devil. The substance he abuses is adrenaline. I admit–I’m in love with the guy. I wish I could wave a magic wand and make him come alive. I’ve had a great time writing this book, even though there were times I wanted to pound my head on my keyboard.

Cameron is owned by a big Maine coon cat; a gorgeous fellow named Leo, who is the star of my children’s book, Cameron’s Cat. The story is about how Cameron found and rescued Leo when he was just a kitten, abandoned at the airport. Starting tomorrow, August 8 and for the next twenty-four hours, Cameron’s Cat will be available for free on Amazon. Give it a try. Save a little money. Tell your friends. Please.

Thank you for reading my blog.

6 thoughts on “Cameron’s Cat”

  1. Thanks for your wonderful words, Judy. I’m glad you enjoyed reading CC. I had a lot of fun writing Cameron’s Cat. I’ve thought about writing a sequel, but finding illustrations is time consuming. Time I’d rather spend working on other projects. Currently, Leo’s only other appearance is as a very big boy in my novel, Bittersweet Christmas.


  2. I enjoyed Cameron’s Cat, Airport Rescue very much. i didn’t want it to end so soon, and I’d like to see a whole series of adventures involving the adorable little Leo. Great photos within the text and backstory, too. A winner!


  3. So glad to hear you’re almost finished with Bittersweet/Daddy. I wish you great success in publication. And I’ll look forward to reading “The Airport Rescue”!


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