International Cat Day

My late great kitty, Mincis

Did you know it’s International Cat Day? I didn’t. Not until I saw the notice on Facebook. How could I let ICD go by without writing about my favorite kitty?

Micnis was sweet, beautiful, and a real smartypants. Mincis is a Latvian name, which means, pussycat. Like “pussycat,” Mincis is a term of endearment. I always spoke with her in Latvian because it’s my first language, but also because it’s a language full of diminutives and sweet endearments, making it perfect for speaking to loved ones, whether furry or fur-less. I sometimes called her “Mini” because she was small, weighed less than eight pounds. Or Miss Adorakitty, a play on the name, Isadora.

Mincis came to me as a stray. The vet estimated that she was about four years old. We had thirteen years together. Not nearly enough.

She was a timid girl when we first met–shy and elusive. After a while, she turned into Miss Congeniality, greeting her admiring public and graciously accepting their pats and praise.

I never succeeded in turning Mincis into an indoor cat. She loved the outdoors, climbing trees, eating grass, catching bugs, and watching airplanes. If there was an opening, she found it and out she went, often without my noticing. I could not bring myself to imprison her in the bathroom each time I left the house. When we moved, she stayed indoors for a year and a half. I hoped she’d forgotten the concept of “outdoors.” She had not. One day she sat down by the door and demanded to be let out.

Being an indoor/outdoor cat made her streetwise. She knew to avoid cars and raccoons, which roamed the neighborhood. It also kept her from being a scardy-cat. Come the Fourth of July, I’d be in my recliner, reading while fireworks were being illegally shot off outside, while Mincis lay, white tummy and paws up, along my legs–sound asleep.

Sweet. Mincis only scratched me once. It was my fault. I was combing a tangle out of her fur. She warned me to stop. I didn’t. She scratched me and ran away. I got much just desserts. Neither of us did that again.

I could go on and on about my gorgeous kitty, but I don’t like to read long blogs, so I don’t want to bore other people with long posts, especially when it’s about my cat and not their cat. Maybe I should write a book about Mincis. Hmm…

Watching an airplane.

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