Clouds: From My Balcony

Photography is one of my favorite occupations. Clouds are one of my favorite subjects. They can be very dramatic. They move slowly. It doesn’t matter if they aren’t in sharp focus. Who ever heard of a hard edged cloud?

I’m so lucky to have this view

If you live in Puget Sound country, it’s a good idea to learn to love clouds. Between the influence on the ocean, the inland sea that is our Sound and our mountain ranges, we get lots of clouds.

I can’t get enough of this view.

I keep my camera hand and leap out of my chair when my peripheral vision notices a change in light.

Flower moon amidst clouds

The May full moon is known as the flower moon. I seldom get decent photos of the moon with my inexpensive little camera, but I keep trying.

Clouds Over the Cascades

Clouds frequently hide the Cascades, but there are times when the clouds highlight the mountains.

Cloud Abstract

This may look like a watercolor, but it’s actually a photograph. One of my favorites.

I have some many cloud photos that I could do several series. I’ll do a few more in the future.

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