Flower Close-ups

Georgia O’Keeffe has been one of my favorite artists for many years. I had a poster of her paintings of a jimson weed in my first apartment. I wish I were as talented as she. I’ve only dabbled with a paint brush. Maybe one day I’ll become a Twenty-first Century version of Grandma Moses. In the meantime, I have my camera to help in my attempts at being O’Keeffe.

Glacier pansy

I love pansies’ pensive little faces. This one used to grow on my balcony. Alas, nothing lasts forever.

Raindrops on Pansy

The back of a pansy is as pretty and interesting as the front, especially when raindrops have fallen on one of the petals.

Pansy Petals

O’Keeffe mode in the extreme. It’s interesting to be able to see the different shades of purple, the delicate veining and the raindrops up-close.

Twin Petunias

Another humble little flower I adore. Petunias are bright and cheerful. Two blossoms grew so close together, they look like conjoined twins.

My flowers turn their backs on me and face the sun. It may not look like it, but this is a white petunia.


More intriguing delicate shading in the petals of this blossom. The petals don’t look this ruffled from a normal point of view. Beautiful despite it’s slight flaw.

Heart of a Tulip

This is the same tulip as the previous photo. The most intense color is on the inside.

Dahlia Petals

This dahlia resides in the Dahlia Test Garden at Point Defiance Park in Tacoma, Washington. It has many colorful friends. Does it look a bit like the rays of the rising sun?

Summer Sunshine

Another resident of Point Defiance Park. In the Rose Garden. A close-up of the Julia Child rose.

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