Invitation to Follow My Blog

Cheeky, huh?

You may ask, Why should I?

I reply, Why not? It’s free. And, as in the photo, you may find something fun, interesting, or informative if you follow the trail. A different point of view.

Focusing on just one or two interests has always been a challenge for me. I have too many of them. Reading. Writing, which includes blogging. Knitting. Photography. Art. Architecture. Baking. Cooking. My Latvian heritage. Life in the Great Northwest. The list is too long to include here. That’s why I decided to change the name of my blog. I don’t have that much to say about chocolate, except that I love it. I haven’t tried enough varieties or recipes to make recommendations. Books. I was an English major. I’ve been reading since I was a small kid, so I’ve read many, many books. I have plenty of opinions and prejudices, but I’d rather read books and write books than write about them. though I plan to do that from time to time, too. Life. It’s a broad topic. Overwhelming. A catch all. The new title is, too, but it seems less intimidating.

“Follow My Blog” is an invitation to explore. To see what’s down that path and around the bend. What might pop out of the underbrush of my mind. It seems friendlier.

I took this photo at a local nature center called Snake Lake. I took the picture of this woman because I liked her sweater. The photo suggests mystery.

What’s at Snake Lake? Snakes, of course. A pretty garter snake with blue racing stripes. A golden tree frog. Salamanders. Ducks. Herons. Turtles, which like to sun themselves on logs. Flowers and shrubs–daffodils, bluebells, ocean spray, yellow flag irises. Salal. Oregon grape. Snow berries. Mushrooms. And much more. Things and creatures I haven’t seen yet. No matter the season, it’s a fine place to walk. 

Come walk down the trail of imagination with me.

Autumn is here. The trees haven’t started changing colors yet, but soon will.
The trail leads to three bridges. This is the first one.
The Lake
After crossing the bridge, you come to stairs, which lead to a hillside trail
Nurse log. They’re not just litter. They’re left in place because they decay, they provide nutrition, water, and shade to seedlings, and protect them from pathogens. I think they also make beautiful subjects for photos.

8 thoughts on “Invitation to Follow My Blog”

    1. Thanks, Judy! I’m glad you think my first entry is lovely. This is a revival, redesign, and renaming of the chocolate blog, so most of the hits are for that. But I’m doing okay, considering that this blog is only about twenty-four hours old. I hope you’ll read my second post and the ones that follow. 🙂


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