Pumpkins Everywhere: Glass

Glass Pumpkin Patch at Pt. Defiance Park

Glass art is one of my many interests. The way glass captures and plays with light is magical. I love going to galleries and museums to see it. I enjoy watching glass blowing demonstrations wherever they happen to be. I have a few baubles of my own–glass ornaments made from Mt. St. Helens ash, a stained glass panel, an art glass vase, and Depression glass. I’m lucky to live in a place where indulging my interest is no great challenge.

One of My Mt. St. Helens Ornaments, Hanging in my Window
Displaying Glass to Best Advantage Can be Tricky. Another of my St. Helens ash ornaments

The Puget Sound region, where I live, is a renowned center of glass art. It’s the largest glass arts center outside Murano, Italy. Artist Dale Chihuly calls the Seattle-Tacoma area home. His influence can be found all over the region–two glass museum, the Bridge of Glass in Tacoma, the school he founded, Pilchuck Glass School, in Stanwood, Washington, and Hilltop Artists at Jason Lee Middle School in Tacoma. His art is everywhere. Glass studios, hot shops, galleries, events, and schools are found all along the shores of Puget Sound. You can even see glass blowing demonstrated at the state fair.

A fun annual event is the Glass Pumpkin Patch store and show, which pops up in different local communities during September and October. If this were a normal year, there’d be a glass pumpkin display this weekend. Since it’s not a normal year, the Glass Pumpkin Patch store will be held virtually.

These are photographs I took a few years ago at Tacoma’s Glass Pumpkin Patch, held at Pt. Defiance Park. Some of the glass gourds on display were indoors in the Pavilion, others were outdoors on the patio. A plethora of pumpkins. I had a great time browsing and taking pictures.

Pretty Pink Pumpkin.
Dramatic Black Pumpkin
It May Not Look Ripe, But it’s Ready to Go Home with a Lucky Buyer
I Want Them All
I Must Not be Greedy. Other People Are Also Entitled to a Few Pumpkins

A few places to see glass art and artists at work.

The Tacoma Museum of Glass has a working hot shop.


Pilchuck holds regular open houses during the year. https://www.pilchuck.org

A friend took her young granddaughters to Chihuly Garden & Glass. The girls loved it.


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