Celebrating Latvia’s Centennial

Memories of Latvia’s centennial from my friend, Sandy Wilkolak, in Ohio. She’s very active in the Latvian community, which is one of the largest in the USA.

“Today is Latvian Independence Day…Here are a couple of memories of our 100th Year Anniversary celebration in 2018 in Cleveland.

It was a most memorable evening. We had a live band for dancing…Our folk dancers performed..Food was prepared by a Latvian chef..I enjoyed decorating the stage and the tables which included M&M’s with Latvija 100 printed on them..🇱🇻💯 Dievs Svētī Latvīju. God Bless Latvia…💕

Latvia’s flag and a bouquet in the flag’s colors at the Latvian Center in Cleveland.
Table decor with favors.
The famous centennial M & Ms with the Latvian spelling: Latvija. How sweet it is!
Round dance. Some people have authentic folk dress.
Dancing is an important part of Latvian culture. Like our songs, it helps sustain us no matter what the circumstances.

Thanks, Sandy, for letting me use your photos and words.

War and cruel fate may have scattered us all over the world, but wherever we are, we will celebrate Latvia’s Independence Day, even if we have to do it virtually.

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