A Colorful Choice

Green, the Color of Life: A Photo Essay

Tulip leaves emerging in springtime.

If it occurs to anyone to wonder why I choose a green background for my blog site, they might assume that it’s because green goes with my banner photo of a woman walking along a leafy path. They’d be partially right. There are many other reasons for my choice.

Many websites have white backgrounds. Too many websites with white backgrounds have text in pale gray fonts, which makes for difficult reading. A black font would be an improvement, after all, don’t books have white pages and black fonts? Most do. However, paper absorbs light. Electronic screens glare it back at the viewer. I want my site to be easy on readers’ eyes. Green helps enhance vision.

Other than in nature, it seems like white is everywhere, not just on websites. The walls in my apartment are white, as are the ceilings. The doors are white. The kitchen cupboards and appliances are white. So are the fixtures in the bathroom. Defenders of white would say it’s a clean, pure, classic choice. To me it’s a boring choice. Too easy, requiring no thought, the default color, in interior, and often exterior decorating.

Green is a fresh, calm, soothing color. It’s the predominant color in nature. It symbolizes renewal, rebirth, fertility, nature’s bounty. It relieves stress and helps muscles relax. It’s the color of spring and new beginnings.

Spring in Wright Park. Tacoma, Washington, USA. There is nothing like the fresh green of new leaves.

Even though green has many positive associations, it also has negative associations. Yellow-green can be a sickly color, as in “green around the gills.” Perhaps because green is the color of money, at least the US greenback dollar, it can also be associated with green. To call someone a “greenhorn,” that is, a beginner is not a flattering description. Nor is calling someone green with envy. Green’s negative associations are far fewer than its positive ones.

I also chose a green background for my blog because it’s different. I want it to stand out from the crowd, but I don’t expect anyone to be green with envy.

Blue and green lead the pack when it comes to people’s favorite colors.
A relaxing hiding place. Far from the madding crowd of the farmers market.
Vigor is another trait symbolized by green. I love my vigorous autumn fern. The yellowish leaves are typical for autumn ferns.
Display of Swiss chard at the famers market. Leafy greens are part of a healthy diet.
Of course, all green all the time would also be boring.

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