Winter: “Not So Fast…”

It would be fine with me if we didn’t get any more snow than this.

Winter says: “You thought you were going to get rid of me? HA! I have five more weeks to go. I’m not done with you yet, Earthlings.”

This afternoon winter made itself felt again. So far, it’s been a deceptive season, acting like spring–warmish, rainy, sunny, windy in turn. Today winter reminded us who it really is–a freezing cold, snowy season. Surprisingly enough, the reminder arrived within twenty minutes of when the forecasters said it would.

Teeny-tiny flakes fell for about four hours before stopping. Has it stopped for good? Who knows? Winter isn’t saying. It’s dark now. The sky is pale, but it’s not as white as it would be if snow were still in the clouds. The forecast says this area will get four to six inches of snow. I’ll believe it when I see it.

Fooled by the mild season, my plants thought it was spring and have sent up new leaves and buds. I hope they don’t freeze. Since they’re in planter boxes on my balcony, I could move them closer to the building where it’s warmer. I think bulbs are pretty hardy; soil-filled containers are pretty heavy, so I may leave them where they are, maybe cover them with plastic sheets. Decisions. 

Snow has started falling again.

I’ll keep on monitoring the forecast and checking outside to see what’s happening, to see if we get all those inches they forecast.

February snow two years ago is what took down Tibby (Tree By my BalconY)

Wind blasted right through me and blew snow in my face, when I went out on my balcony to take these photos. 

It’s hard to focus on snowflakes when they’re blowing in your eyes. These are on my balcony railing.

4 thoughts on “Winter: “Not So Fast…””

    1. I hope not, Judy. But Tibby had gravity against her right from the start. I took the planter off the railing and put it close to the wall where it should get some protection.


  1. We only had about a dozen flakes this afternoon but I notice now (8:44) there is a skiff on my bark beds. I brightened the gray day by donning scarlet sweat pants, my most colorful baseball-style fleece jacket over a red mock turtleneck, and ate comfort food and read comfort books!


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