A Day of Misery

Thanks to Word Press

Bad enough that I didn’t get any bread in my grocery order. Bad enough that I suddenly lost my internet connection for no known reason. Thanks goodness it came back online just as I was talking to the service provider’s CSR. Still. It spoiled my mood. And then I suddenly couldn’t post images to my Word Press page. I got a cryptic message that my image had an empty alt attribute. No explanation as to what that means. WP’s help site is not help. It’s a forum with all sorts of people offering advice, so you don’t know who to believe or what to try. Word Press has ignored my previous three calls for help regarding different issues. I sent a call for help for this issue anyway. They probably haven’t had time to respond. This is not the first time something hasn’t worked and I’ve had nothing but a crypt message. There’s a lot to like about Word Press, but there’s also a lot to hate.

This is how I feel about Word Press today.

The above image is old. It took so long to load, like the new ones, that I was beginning to think I’d get that same “empty alt attribute” message. Beats me why I can post an older photo and not a new one. I’m not holding my breath while waiting for an explanation and help from Word Press.

I love writing blog essays and illustrating them with my photos. I hope I can keep on doing so. I write novels that require no illustrations. When the words flow, it’s fantastic. My blog is a nice change of pace. I have lots of old photos, but eventually I’ll run out. I use stock photo services, but I want to use my own photos whenever possible.

ARGHHH!!! Here we go again. I just tried to add a photo taken on the same day as the one above. No, Word Press, I am not off line. Guess this image also has an empty alt. attribute. Makes no sense.

This too is an appropriate image to show my mood today.

This second image was also taken on the same day as the one above and the one I couldn’t get posted.

I guess I shouldn’t complain. Right? Two out of three images, for this essay got posted. I had another photo essay I was gong to post today, no images at all for that one. Go figure.

5 thoughts on “A Day of Misery”

  1. I have had a day, make that two, of dropping everything I pick up and stumbling over everything. But I had a terrific yoga class and restful day. I hope we both have a better tomorrow.


    1. I’m sorry you’ve had that kind of day, Peggy. Yoga can help in so many ways. I’m glad it worked for you and that the rest of your day was better. Thanks for the good wishes. I sure hope so, too.


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