Magic Sky

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My place of peace and bliss is my balcony. It’s where I have my container garden. I sit there every day. I can feel how it reduces my stress. It’s where I watch birds, butterflies, bunnies, and even a coyote. The many trees in the surroundings keep the air fresh. Watching and photographing clouds is something many Washingtonians do. If you live here, you’d better learn to like clouds. You’ll be seeing a lot of them.

Today’s and this evening’s cirrus clouds were amazing. They form in the troposphere, the part of the atmosphere that’s closest to the earth. Ice crystals condense around particles, such as dust and even sea salt. Wind helps shape them.

Even though I’ve lived in Western Washington for many years, I’ve never seen clouds like these. I took dozens of photos. As far as I can tell, I was the only one outside cloud-gazing.

I’ve posted the picture in the order in which the clouds appeared.

In the morning, after the fog burned off, the sky was clear. In the afternoon this is what happened.

Cirrus clouds portend fair weather.
Cirrus clouds can be identified by their feathery appearance.
Shifting shapes.

In the evening, this happened.

Like streaks from a paint brush.
They formed into a fan shape.
More brush strokes.
Angel hair/
I love posting photos like these on my Facebook page and wowing friends in other parts of the country. These amaze me, too.

How much beauty do we miss by having our noses stuck to a computer screen, a smart phone, or a TV screen? I spend too much time at my computer, too. Or with my face in a book. Thanks to the view from my balcony I see more of the beauty of the earth, whether it’s a cloud or a bee.

5 thoughts on “Magic Sky”

  1. Truly beautiful. A Scripture comes to mind. Psalm 19. King James Version: “The heavens declare the glory of God; and the firmament sheweth his handywork.” Such sights raise our spirits and fill our souls with beauty and peace. I am so glad you shared.


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