Sneak Preview

Coming soon. This is a preview of what the paperback cover will look like.

New cover for my novel.

Līvija Galiņa is a widowed Latvian refugee who, with her family, fled her country in 1944 as the Soviet Red Army invaded. Her husband was lost in the war. She was pregnant at the time of her flight.

After years of floating through war-torn Europe, like flotsam on the tides of history, Līvija finds a new home for herself, her mother, and her seven-year-old daughter, Dzintra, in Seattle, Washington. where they live communally with six other Latvians. But where is there a home for her heart?

On the snowy day after Thanksgiving 1952, Līvija is walking home from her job as a house cleaner. In a fog of exhaustion, she doesn’t notice that a car has skidded on ice and jumped the curb until someone pushes her to the ground and lands on top of her.

The “someone” is her neighbor, dashing fighter pilot, Cameron Quinn. Their mutual attraction is immediate.

Līvija’s mother and their entire Latvian community are against Līvija making a match with anyone but another Latvian. Līvija ‘s housemate, Edgars Siliņš, a single father, feels that he has a proprietary right to Līvija’s affection. Her family and friends agree.

Līvija has always been an obedient, dutiful daughter. Can she find a home for her heart?

Pronunciation: Līvija = Lee-vee-ya. N with a diacritical mark is pronounced like the Spanis N with a tilde ~ Š = sh. Dz is a diphthong pronounced like “ts” in “tsar,” only harder.

This is the old cover photo for my novel. Like WordPress, Amazon is being a pain in the ass today. I can’t change the cover image without help from a living, breathing human being. Who knows when that will be. In the meantime…

Here’s how Vella works. Any mobile device can be used to read books on Amazon’s Kindle Vella. The story is serialized. It’s not a subscription. Readers buy tokens, which don’t cost much, for the chapters (Amazon calls them episodes) they want to read. The first few chapters are free to read. Comments made on the Vella page are very helpful to the author. They don’t have to be fancy, “I like it” or “It’s okay” will do. Of course, more details,, such as why you like it or what you like are appreciated.”

2 thoughts on “Sneak Preview”

  1. I am having trouble again commenting on your blog, This is fantastic. The cover came out gorgeous. The letter absolutely glow, and our final blue background is perfect, as is the photo. Hooray for us! I am eager to see what kind of reaction you get. Smiling. 😊💐🖥

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks, Colleen. No problems that I can see. Your coments came across just fine. I think I may have picked the wrong photo to post. Fingers crossed Couln’t have done it without you.


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