A Bit of Latvian Whimsy

What I heard on Radio Latvia 2. Latvian pop, which tends to be cheerful and bouncy. There’s lots of chatter, too. I’m listening to it as I write. Here it’s evening, but in Latvia it’s morning. Everything’s in Latvian but you can scroll down and find a list of English language broadcasts.

It was kind of mind-blowing to hear one of the announcers whose voice sounded exactly like the voice of a guy I used to date. He also sounded like another Latvian who lives here in my state.

This is one of the songs I heard on Radio 2, along with my crude translation.

""Mīlestība karsta putra
Nelej māla podiņā.
Podiņš plīsīs, podiņš juks,
Mīlestība ārā spruks!"

"Love is a porridge hot,
Don't pour it in a clay pot,
The pot will shatter, the pot will break,
And love will escape."

Sad to say, I've poured my love into an unworthy vessel more than once. But at least I didn't marry my mistakes.